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Article in Madame Figaro Japon

Madame Figaro Japon, #295, May 2005, p. 129

A small article in a Japanese women's fashion magazine. It is based on an interview by e-mail and features two photos by Hellen van Meene, and one photo of her.

It's in Japanese but from the correspondence about it we know that it's part of "a special feature about female photographers. As part of this feature, we select several young(ish) female photographers to look for and introduce them to the readers".

These were the questions:

  1. When did you wanted to become photographer/artist?
  2. What made you wanted to become a photographer/artist?
  3. Who is your a favorite photographer? Why?
  4. Please select one book of photography you like and explain why you like the book.
  5. What inspire you? What is your inspiration of your work?
  6. When do you feel most fulfilled about your work?
  7. How do you describe your style of work?
  8. What do you think is most important in your work?
  9. What method do you feel comfortable when you take pictures?
  10. What sort of work you are planning to do in the near feature?
  11. If you did not become a photographer/artist, what occupation do you think you end up with?
  12. What does taking photographs means to you?
  13. What do you think you are doing in ten years time?

Here's a translation of the article done by Chika Sakamaki:

Hellen van Meene

Hellen has been taking pictures of adolescent girls in Holland. Her works look like just ordinary scenes of daily life she happened to see, but they are actually well planned and carefully prepared to be taken. You can also see subtle movement of girls' mentality from her pictures. They catch our eyes with deep interest.

Hellen is actively taking photos worldwide. Her subjects are also becoming international. Recently her photos taken in Tokyo became very popular and famous in NY. She lives in Heiloo, 33 years old. She has been nominated on photo awards in Holland and UK several times.

A girl blowing white powder on a boy's face. Friendship, love or intimacy? Mysterious relationship between them.

A1: 16 years old
A2: My parents gave me a camera as present and I took many pictures of my friends.
A3: Francesca Woodman, Diane Arbus, Vincenzo Castella. Reasons: They have different styles.
A4: Teenager mother (father).