Artist Hellen van Meene (Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1972) is known for her (mostly) square format photographic portraits of teenage girls. Her work was first exhibited in 1996 and has been shown around the world since then. Her photos are in the collection of many museums, incl. Guggenheim NYC & MoMA. She lives and works in Heiloo and her subjects now include still lifes, dogs and other animals. She is represented by galleries in London, New York and Tokyo.

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We're working on extended version of Hellen van Meene's biography and a visual timeline.

Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York offers regularly updated PDFs with a biography and selected press clippings on their Hellen van Meene page.

The Guggenheim Museum has a nice bio on their website.

You may also follow her on  Twitter or like and follow her page on  Facebook for updates. There is also a (not quite up-to-date) biography in the archived version of the old website.