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Van Meene's Teen Scene

Pop, Spring/Summer 2006, No. 12, p. 118

This UK magazine about Fashion + Art + Rehab + Muppets + Sex + Trash + Football + Starlets writes about Hellen van Meene's solo exhibition at Pump House Gallery.


Artist Hellen van Meene understands what it's like to be young and disgruntled: she's made a career out of beautiful photographs of morose girls slumped against things. Though she established her name with her styled portraits of kids in her hometown, this spring, London Pump House Gallery shows recent work shot in Russia, Japan, Germany, Latvia and southwest London. Van Meene says she wants her work to explore 'adolescent situations and attitudes which represent the type of normality we don't usually share with others but keep to ourselves'. Whoever knew those moments could look so exquisite?

At The Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, London SW11 from 22 March to 14 May