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Geo Magazin - Pubertät

Geo Magazin, 09|2005, September 2005, pp.134-158, ISSN 0342-8311, text by Harald Willenbrock, German

An article on puberty in this German natural science magazine is illustrated by many photos, including five by Hellen van Meene. Fellow Dutch artists Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek are featured prominently as well with examples of their ongoing Exactitudes ® series (like Teknohippies). The magazine has a circulation of about 450,000 copies.

You can read the online version of the article (illustrated by two of the five photos by Hellen) here (mirrored here).

The Goethe-Institut on Geo Magazin:

Geo : das neue Bild der Erde

A beautifully designed magazine covering a wide spectrum of geographical topics and related peripheral areas. Includes well founded articles on the natural sciences, particularly biology (including ecology and environmental concerns), written by renowned international science journalists in accessible language. There are also numerous illustrated reports on culture, cultural history, astronomy and archaeology. Equal weight is given to the text and the illustrations - mainly colour, and all beautifully photographed and reproduced. Also includes reports on medicine, technology, the environment, psychology and politics. The magazine is published French, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Japanese. These editions are available exclusively in those countries, and the contents are not identical with the German edition.