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Group exhibition: Local, El fin de la globalización
(Local, The End of Globalisation)

PHotoEspaña 2007
Consejería de Cultura y Deportes. Sala Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, Spain
June 5 - September 2 2007

This exhibition curated by Paul Wombell features the work of Hans Aarsman, Shelby Lee Adams, Boris Mikhailov, Hashem el Madani, Tom Hunter, Jem Southam, Xavier Ribas, LI Tianbing, Hellen van Meene, Massimo Vitali and Karl Heinz Weinberger.

Hellen van Meene shows works from the Barbara Series. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in Spanish and English, with a text by Paul Wombell (ISBN 978-84-451-3000-1).

The exhibition LOCAL. The End of Globalisation reflects on the importance of places, cities and local people.

Twelve prestigious international photographers defend the community’s role in a globalised society.

In a social, cultural and economic context in which the word globalisation is on everyone’s lips, the Canal de Isabel II exhibition hall offers the exhibition LOCAL. El fin de la globalización. The show highlights the work of twelve photographers committed to their local environments who use their cameras to present their communities. The term community is defined sometimes as a group of friends, the inhabitants of small villages, cities and even nations and can also be understood from an ethnic or gender viewpoint.

The objective behind this exhibition is to propose new possibilities of considering the importance of what is local in contemporary photography. LOCAL. El fin de la globalización is structured around three different themes: local places, local cities and local people, and it represents a celebration of place and community, thus questioning the definition of globalisation.

This project brings together an important cast of artists with very different origins that enables us to discover socially excluded milieus, teenagers, mass tourism venues, beggars and guerrilla fighters in the works of leading photographers. In this tour through costumbrist, documentary and artistic photography, the exhibition presents itself as an ambitious desire to cover the entire world without having to give a homogenous version of it.

- From the press release (PDF, 2.6 MB).