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Solo exhibition: Tokyo Girls

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
Tokyo (Japan)
March 16 - April 12 2006

This exhibition opens on the same day as the exhibition at Gallery Koyanagi, also in Tokyo. It will feature almost 25 photos, most of them made in Tokyo during an assignment for a portfolio in The New York Times Magazine.

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya is a gallery funded by the Tokyo metropolitan government. It's located in Shibuya, a commercial and entertainment district district in Tokyo that's very popular among young people, especially teens.

More information and some photos can be found in the press releases in Japanese (377KB / PDF) and English (439KB / PDF). There's also a PDF of the flyer in Japanese (6.5MB).

According to this article about Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya:

"a curatorial staff led by Director Yusaku Imamura will pick up emerging artists from Japan and abroad for exhibitions, build a network with overseas alternative art spaces and organize an artist-in-residence program."


"On the center's opening, Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara said, 'Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya will foster the process for odd contemporary art to mature, in the lively heart of Tokyo.'"